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Tips for fixing a liquid damaged smartphone

It happens to everyone at some point in their lives: their precious phone slips out of their hand and into a toilet, sink or some other unforgiving liquid! Luckily, if your phone has not been submerged underwater for a long time, there are some things you can do to fix it and possibly save yourself the cost of having to replace it.

  1. First things first
    1. Make sure to turn off the phone
    2. Try to remove the battery if you can
    3. Remove the SIM card if you can
  2. Initial drying
    1. One mistake people often make is shaking their phone a lot. It doesn’t help remove any water, it simply helps the water get to other parts of the phone. In addition to not shaking the phone, go ahead and wipe off any visible water off the surface of the device. If you can open the phone, dry any internal parts gently.
  3. Drying techniques
    1. Hair dryer - only use the fan or cool setting. Do not use any heat setting on the hair dryer.
    2. Vacuums - If you have a small computer vacuum and there is an attachment that creates a good seal with the phone, you can give that a shot. Home vacuums create static electricity that can damage the circuitry in the device.
    3. Uncooked rice - The best option is to put your phone into a plastic bag, fill it with rice or quinoa, seal the bag and let it is sit for several days.
    4. Desiccants - these little packets of silica can also be helpful.