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Online fax services

Fax machines send their data over the phone lines, which have long been internet-accessible, so there are plenty of options that don’t involve ever touching an actual fax machine. These are easy to use, work well, and are generally free for at least a few pages. The free options don’t generally let you receive faxes, though. If you’re worried about security, most of the services promise at least some level of encryption. Some popular companies include:

  • HelloFax
  • eFax
  • MyFax
  • FaxPlus
  • FaxZero
  • GotFreeFax

These all include different pricing tiers and features, but sending faxes isn’t that hard – pretty much any service will be able to do the basics. You just need to enter the recipient’s number, choose from a few options, upload a scan of the document you want to fax, and send it over. The fax service will then send it over the phone lines for you.