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Tech Tips

Tools for speeding up your Windows PC

Windows computers are known for slowing down over time because of hard drive clutter and other software-related problems. If you have an older machine without the best and newest hardware, it makes the problem even worse. If you are ready to speed things up, these tools may make a difference for you.

  1. Getting rid of Malware. In addition to your virus protection software, it’s good to run scans for malware often. Some great software to checkout include: Malwarebytes, Spybot Search & Destroy, and Sophos Root Removal Kit.
  2. Removing unwanted programs. After you have removed any malware from your computer, the next step is to remove any programs you don’t need and don’t plan on using. You can remove these programs by using the Windows “Remove a Program” utility, but if you want to get rid of all traces of the programs, you can use the free tool Geek Uninstaller.
  3. Startup. From here, you can change some settings to speed up the startup process. You will get to your desktop faster when you remove nonessential startup programs and utilities that are loading when you start your computer. A free tool that you can use that easily stops these programs from loading at startup is called Autoruns. Another free tool you can use is Startup Delayer.
  4. Removing junk. As a final step, you may want to find and remove junk files or duplicate files stored on your computer. You can do this by running a disk cleanup on your hard drive.