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Bad Wi-Fi? It Could Be Your Christmas Decorations

Every year, Christmas decorations get bigger, brighter and more sophisticated. When it comes to front yard inflatables, that’s not necessarily a good thing. For smart Christmas tree lights, on the other hand, that’s a welcome upgrade over the traditional options. Those aside, holiday lights emit electromagnetic radiation. And if your home Wi-Fi seems to be worse than usual around the holidays, your decorations could be to blame. For Christmas lights, regardless of incandescent or LED, the electromagnetic radiation they generate isn’t all that strong. It’s the radiation coming from the unshielded wires the lights are attached to that’s the bigger problem. Interference can be worse with lights that twinkle and flash because of how waves pulse through the wires. So, what can you do? Any interference shouldn’t be enough to bring wireless internet traffic at your home to a halt. The simple solution is to avoid putting up your Christmas tree in close proximity to your router. And it would seem that goes for other decorations, too.