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Easy to Grow Houseplants

Houseplants can bring a bit of joy and nature to every corner of your home. Even if you don’t consider yourself someone with a green thumb, this list of easy houseplants can help get you started. They are low-maintenance. Perfect for those of us who have killed a few too many plants in the past! According to Bloomscape, here are some of the easiest houseplants that anyone can grow:

  • Monstera
  • Sansevieria a.k.a. snake plant
  • ZZ plant
  • Spider plant
  • Heart-leafed philodendron
  • Dracaena
  • Ponytail palm
  • Pothos

Most of these plants are easy to take care of because they are tolerant of watering and light conditions. Some are fine in indirect or low-light situations, while some prefer a sunny corner. Research each one to see which ones fit into your home.