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COVID-19 Issues & Resources


Resources & Tidbits

Struggling with your mindset?

Learn from Admiral Stockdale: Article

No energy?

Take a mini-vacation. What can you do to truly rejuvenate?
Do it!

Need help understanding the COVD-19 Congressional Acts?

Start with this simplified summary: Article

Worried about your investments?

What you need to be thinking about: Podcast

Overwhelmed by the noise?

Limit news to 3 minutes per day!

No longer an empty nester?

Make the most of it and change your family’s future: Article

Balancing remote work and family life?

Download this great resource available through this podcast:

Lack of focus?

What are the obstacles keeping you from being the best you
can be? What could you do?

How do you lead during this crisis?

Here is the “Scary Times” Success Manual: Resource

Struggling as an entrepreneur?

Start with the obstacle itself: Book

Everything is a priority?

Are you remaining true to only doing the things that give
you energy?

In need of a new way to think?

Take this perspective on the future: Article

More bad days than good days?

Learn this short and sweet training exercise: The Three Ps

Worried about your future?

It’s not too late to get 20/20 vision in 2020 no matter what
just happened: Article

Worried about protecting your credit?

Learn about the “Natural Disaster Code” you need: Article