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Year-End Tips

| December 12, 2016
Life Planning

What should you get done before the end of the year? Here are the only 5 things you need on that list.

  1. Taxes - There is a good chance taxes will be higher this year than in 2017 since President-Elect Donald Trump has stated over and over again that everyone will benefit from his proposed tax rates. So, what does this mean? Take every deduction you can possibly take in 2016. You may consider paying in advance charitable gifts, retirement plan contributions, property taxes or even taking losses now.

  2. Year End Promotions - Take advantage! There are many companies that are making their last effort to reach year-end goals and you might find great savings or even more. Did you know there are life insurance companies that could insure you up to $3 million without a routine medical exam or lab requirements if you have been insured in the last 5 years???? This could be huge for your family!

  3. Put It To Bed - What has been keeping awake at night? Start the New Year with it off your mind. This will give you the freedom to focus on what is most important in 2017.

  4. Create Your 2017 Roadmap - Too often we see companies (and individuals) wait until January to work on the New Year. The realization is this could cost your company 1 full month of valuable time each year. Get yourself and your employees motivated to kick off the best year ever on January 2nd.

  5. Tell Them You Love Them - Don’t leave 2016 without telling the people who are most important to you what they mean to you. Write them a love letter, give them a hug, and share some special time together. Don’t leave room for a “should have.”

Print this little list and carry it with you until you have done all 5 this year!