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What Can You Delegate?

| December 29, 2017

There just isn't enough time in the day. It doesn't matter who you are, or what you do or don't do - we all have the same problem. Unfortunately, there are some things you can't delegate or don’t want to delegate--your faith, family, health, etc... But there is a lot you should!

More than 15 years ago we began participating in a coaching program called Strategic Coach. It was perhaps the best decision we have made for our family business. One of the key ideologies Strategic Coach uses is something called the unique ability. To help you grasp the concept:  visualize your current business or places you worked previously. If everyone involved was only doing what they love to do and do best, how much more productive would that business be? This is using your unique ability.

Let’s brainstorm and find yours. Make a list:

  1. What are you great at? I mean excellent!
  2. What are the things you just know you would be brilliant doing, but haven't spent the time to get to excellence?
  3. What are the things you are good at but maybe not great?
  4. Finally, what are you really bad at doing (or procrastinate!) doing? Remember, progress starts by telling the truth.

Once you have your list, rank each of these items with one of three, like, loathe. You either love doing it or learning about it, you like it, or it gives you a queasy feeling just thinking about it.

Most likely the things you’re really good at and love doing are your unique abilities. Everything else in life…Delegate! Stop and envision for a moment what that might be like. I bet you mentally just took a deep breath and your stress level dropped.

The sad truth is most people reading this will say " that sounds great and all, but..." and make excuses not to attempt to rethink their routines. Don’t let “but” stop you. The reality is that it is possible! It has changed our life. It may require thinking outside the box, involve a family meeting, business meeting, or a meeting with us, but it can happen.

You can't delegate your time with family and friends. And you certainly can't delegate your relationship with God. You can't delegate being healthy. But as the book says, you don't have to sweat the small stuff either. Delegate it!

As it happens, our unique ability is to help people live their lives on purpose – and we appreciate the chance to manage the parts you delegate to us.