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| January 17, 2017

We at Kennedy Financial Services care not only about your financial health, but your physical health as well. We had the privilege of having Dr. John Duncan, owner of ViaScan, speak at one of our luncheons and we were amazed by all the information he presented. Below is a little bit of information about Dr. Duncan and his company, ViaScan.

ViaScan is a provider of body scans, heart scans, lung scans, virtual colonoscopy, & CT angiograms has been serving patients and saving lives since June, 2001. ViaScan is the only imaging service in North Texas that uses a scanner that employs Electron Beam Tomography or EBT. This high speed technology allows for a 3-Dimensional Study of the internal organs, scanning much more anatomy than the typical conventional scan. These scans can include images of the heart, lungs, carotid arteries, and all of the abdominal organs and can be used to screen for abnormalities such as inflammation, blockages, or even cancer so as to alert patients to concerns before they become symptomatic since problems caught early are often modifiable, reversible and curable.

John Duncan, Ph.D., a pioneer in preventive cardiology for the past 20 years, has made prevention of disease his life's pursuit and he passionately strives to help patients better understand their health and how they can live longer, healthier lives. He worked with the Cooper Institute for 15 years before opening ViaScan where he has helped tens of thousands of patients many of whom have benefited from this advanced screening through early identification of heart disease or cancer. He graduated with a PhD in Exercise Physiology and received the prestigious American Heart Award for exemplary work in hypertension, cholesterol research and preventive cardiology and has also published clinical research in the most prestigious medical journals such as The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

Additionally, because of his expertise in the field of preventive cardiology, John Duncan, Ph.D. is frequently interviewed by print journalists from various magazines and newspapers and has made appearances on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX television networks. He collaborates to design fitness programs with both individuals and groups such as professional football, basketball, and baseball teams, CEOs, executives, entertainers, politicians and especially everyday people who are interested in understanding their health and wellness.

Please visit their website for more information.