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If Not Now, Then When?

| October 05, 2018

Have you ever had a task before you, that you knew was important, knew needed attention, and it was something you truly wanted to address, yet for some reason you didn’t move forward with it?  Why is it fairly common that we don’t take steps to address something that is important to us?  In our industry, we often encounter this – whether it’s addressing current issues or facing future concerns.  It could be retirement planning, legacy planning, tax planning, business succession planning, or a combination of issues that needs attention.  So again, what’s the cause for no action to be taken? 

Could it be fear? Fear of the unknown? Fear of knowing who to trust? Fear of making a mistake?

Is it because of a desire to maintain complete control?  After all, you’re the one who got you to where you are today.

Is it because of confusion of not knowing which strategies you need to implement in order to accomplish your goals?  There is so much information available (other professionals, family, friends, the internet)…how do you decide what is actually best for you?

Is it because you are too busy?  Limited time is a common obstacle.

Whatever the reason(s) might be, it is important to understand that even without future planning, you do have a plan in place - by default. Now the real question is: what does my current plan look like? 

Over the past 30 years, we have had the opportunity to address many different scenarios presented to us.  Some were at an early stage, with ample time to work on a completely unique plan tailored to specific wishes. Others have come to us with existing difficulties, because the best plan was not in place prior to a life changing event, taxable event, or other unforeseen event.  You may have heard the saying: ‘we didn’t get in this situation overnight and we won’t get out overnight.’  With this in mind, would you agree that allowing time would be advantageous?  Let’s look at a simple example:  When you plan to take a trip, how might it look different if you wait to plan the trip vs. planning in advance?  Is it possible that plane tickets will cost more?  Better flight times are unavailable? Desired hotels are sold out or there is no hotel availability altogether? The list goes on.  Your retirement, business, legacy, and tax planning are no different.  More time provides more options, which allows for more flexibility, and could possibly help prevent any future problems from occurring at all.

We here at Kennedy Financial Services can provide you with a team you can trust with the experience necessary to bring the unknown to the table…to ask the “what if” questions we know to ask through our experiences, and help you potentially avoid costly mistakes.  We help you maintain control, because you put a plan in place instead of it being put into motion by default. Together, we can work on your plan while you focus on what has helped create your success and what is most important to you.

We would encourage you to take action so that you, your family, and your business can live Life on purpose.  After all, people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.

If not now, when?