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6 Lessons Learned from the Great Recession

| June 13, 2016
Financial Planning

Too often we forget the things we ought to remember and the lessons we’ve learned through experience. It has been over 8 years ago that we entered the Great Recession and though even Wikipedia states it only lasted nineteen months, many believe we have still not recovered from the damages it wrought. I don’t believe you can go through a time in history like this without learning something, growing in some way, and changing a few things – at the very least, a bit more humility.

Given that, this quote by Johnny Rich is certainly pertinent: “To reread a book is to read a different book. The reader is different.  The meaning is different.” I dare say all of us are a little different than 8 years ago and need to reread the Lessons Learned from the Great Recession, which we first offered in 2011.

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