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2022 Tax Season - Lessons Learned

2022 Tax Season - Lessons Learned

| November 14, 2022

Tax season is officially over for 2022. Listen to our Life Planning 101 podcast this week with special guest Blake Briscoe, CPA, for the list of the most common Dos and Don’ts!

  1. If you don’t issue a 1099, there isn’t a deduction. Who do you need to be issuing one to? You may be surprised!
  2. Are you accurately documenting purchases for equipment, etc. that you bought from individuals?
  3. Are meals and entertainment still deductible? What do you need for supporting documentation?
  4. Is your vehicle deductible? What do you need for documentation?
  5. Is there still time to plan for 2022? How long do I have?
  6. What positive changes are coming in 2023?
  7. What do I need to watch out for in 2023?


It’s important to speak with your tax professional regarding your unique situation. Don’t have one? We’d love to introduce you to our sister company, Briscoe & Associates, LLC for all your tax, bookkeeping, and consulting needs.