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Start Living LIFE on Purpose Today! The Cost of Procrastination When Do You Need a Will? The Junk Drawer Approach to Investing

A Life Planning Firm

Planning for your future, your family and your retirement is not always easy. Unfortunately, it is often done in hindsight or worse—by default. There is another problem. The focus of most planning tends to be on the money when the reality is that money is just a tool. The focus should be what it means to you to live Life on purpose?

Our family firm became a catalyst for this change with our founder Jim Kennedy.

In 1989 every family I worked with was working with multiple advisors—bankers, brokers, attorneys, accountants, etc. Each one was trying to piece together this advice just to find the right answers for their situation. Inevitably, this left them with holes and/or overlap in their planning. It also left them worried and stressed.

Our focus has not changed since this simple realization that success equals complexity. We work hard to turn this complexity into clarity for the families we work for. The Life Planning Process™ puts the focus on you - your unique situation, future and goals, family dynamics, and more.

You see… It wasn’t about the answers, it was about asking the right questions that need to be asked. Only then can you really begin coordinating and correlating all the answers from all of your professionals to send you in the right direction. That is when you move forward with confidence so you can focus on what is most important in life to you.

In the ensuing years of KFS, our knowledge and wisdom has grown exponentially. Our vision is to continue to be an industry leader by providing continuous Leadership, Relationships and Creativity to every family we serve. And all the while, we believe some things in life shouldn’t ever change. We believe in doing things the cowboy way. Our word is our bond and our handshake is more binding than any contract.

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We believe in doing things the cowboy way.

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