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Scammers are cloning Facebook accounts

It seems like every time you log onto Facebook there is a new computer scam warning. Most of them made up, but Facebook clone accounts, however, are a real problem. Scammers can steal your profile images and make accounts and pretend to be you. A lot of times, these fake accounts will either send harmful links for people to open or request money from the victim’s friends and family. Some will fall for this because it looks like the message is coming from a loved one. So how can you protect yourself and your family? Check your profile’s security settings. It’s a good idea to set your profile to private. When you share something, no one can see it unless you’re friends. This keeps people from being able to steal your pictures and information from your posts. If you get a friend request from someone you’re already friends with, check with them directly. Call them, text them, or message them on their original profile. Think before you engage. Would your cousin really use Facebook to ask you to borrow money? You can protect your computer ahead of time by making sure your anti-virus software is up to date. If you do find a clone account for yourself or someone else, report it to Facebook. If they verify the account is fake, they will remove it.