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Fraud Prevention Tips

Inspect Links to Confirm Fraud

Knowing how to inspect potentially dangerous links will help you avoid succumbing to phishing frauds on your laptop or computer. But spotting suspicious links that arrive on your mobile devices requires extreme caution. Increasingly, scammers target smartphones and tablets by sending text messages with malware links, a fraud called “SMiShing”. Mobile text links don’t work the same way that computer and laptop links work. When in doubt don’t click. Instead, call the company directly or visit its website to pursue the matter. Some scammers rely on less-technical schemes to get your personal information. One scam is called “Vishing”. This happens when a fraudster calls you impersonating a legitimate business or organization and asks for your personal information so they can later use it to compromise your identity or financial accounts. If this occurs, hang up the phone and call the company directly to verify if the call was legitimate.